Preparing Your Kids for College

Nowadays it is said that only 51% of freshmen entering college will actually graduate. These are alarming statistics! How can you help your kids prepare for college and successfully graduate? First of all, help them get into college with an SAT prep course.

All colleges require that you take the SAT in order to get in. SAT prep courses can help your son or daughter improve their reading skills and build their vocabulary for the verbal portion of the test. A higher SAT score will help your child get into a wonderful college.

But once they are in college, what will they do? Help your kids be successful by enrolling them in a reading program or buying them reading software. Your child should be reading at a minimum of 500 words per minute. Improved reading skills will also lead to a higher vocabulary and better memorization skills. Long-term memory is the basis of comprehension and learning and will help your child with taking tests.

Help your child improve their note taking skills as well. The average college lecturer speaks at about 150 words per minute while students take notes at about 30 words per minute. Note taking skills will help your child comprehend more in class.

About half of all high school and college dropouts are caused by chronic stress, mental-depression, fear and anxiety. Students who are trained in relaxation techniques improve their test-taking, listening, reading, vocabulary and communication skills. So last but not least, be sure to teach your child stress management skills in order to help them be successful in college.

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